Conference Notes

Share2011 – I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for – Collaboration – the AGL Experience (Michelle Goodwin, SiteOnline)

Michelle Goodwin is talking about a recent HR program with AGL. Two essential points – site design, and collaboration. Key ideas:
– Michelle talked at Share 2010, on the earlier AGL work. See Share2010 Session: Michelle Goodwin from AGL Energy on “Waddya Mean I Have to Move All My Content?”
– What is collaboration? Collaboration is working together to achieve a goal.
– In 2008, moved to the new intranet. Six weeks later, 85% of employees though the new intranet was an improvement.
– In 2011, staff didn’t like the new system. The blamed the solution. People couldn’t find what they were looking for.
– Had some challenges around navigation, keywords, and metadata. Needed to re-think what people were looking for.
– A good question – “What document or question do you get asked for the most?” Then provide quick links to those.
– Find the key people – the PAs and EAs – and ask them what they are looking for.
– People won’t collaborate if it’s too hard to upload the documents and items.
– Had to develop the understanding of metadata, document versions, and naming of documents. If you don’t do it right, you’ll prevent people from sharing and working together.
– Implemented the redesign – people said they could find things a lot easier.
– … Used some new names on screen.
– … Grouped employee tools and leader tools under two different areas of the screen. You could see what was relevant to you.