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Rabbitsoft Released Clinked – a Wiki-Oriented Online Collaboration Tool

Rabbitsoft announced the commercial release of Clinked, its wiki-oriented online collaboration and document sharing tool. The core premise of the tool is the same for all the other services in this space.

Clinked is an online collaboration and project management platform. Aimed at companies of all sizes, from start ups to large multinationals, this product has been designed to take advantage of the recent advances in Cloud computing which allow for remote access to data stored online. However Clinked goes beyond this basic function and incorporates advanced and user-friendly people management functions which permit employees and managers to discuss ideas and make suggestions within the framework of project groups. By incorporating this social aspect, Clinked is able to fill a gap left by its older competitors, which were based purely around the idea of file sharing, as opposed to true interaction. The advantage of this ability to interact, is an increase in the effectiveness of those using the platform, who are now able to communicate as if they were all present in one place, wherever they are in the world.

Clinked comes in three versions: Pro (with extra storage), Business (customizable and brand able), and Enterprise (as you want it).

Rabbitsoft have created a plethora of video tutorials, and posted these to YouTube.

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