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Share2011 – SharePoint Governance and Analysis – You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure (Andrew Jolly, OBS)

Andrew Jolly, a Principal Consultant at OBS, is talking about SharePoint governance and analysis. Key points:
– There are a lot of measurement and analytics tools in SharePoint, for the infrastructure people. But there are things for business users in SharePoint 2007 and 2010.
– What’s the problem? In order to plan what to do in the future, you need to know what’s going on today.
– Andrew showed the “governance pyramid,” and said it’s too simplistic. He gave another view of it – by breaking out the different areas into individual pieces.
– Metrics: gives an insight into what’s going on.

Measurement and Governance:
– Governance – steering from “where you are now” to “where you want to be” (per Paul Culmsee).
– Andrew related governance to a GPS – the map shows you the big picture, plus a range of specific things (time to destination, next action, estimated time of arrival).
– If you have no destination programmed into your GPS, it says “no route planned.” You might be data rich, but you are information poor.
– Rather than seeing the pyramid as a pyramid, carve up the different layers and see them as separate places that sit on the same plane. It’s like seeing a city as a collection of buildings, rather than as a pyramid.

Where Do I Start?
– Need to learn about macro insights – understand the priorities for the site.
– Four questions, to work on for six months:
– … What do we want visitors to do on the website?
– … How many visitors are coming to the site? (number of visits per day, but look for long term trends)
– … Where are visitors coming from? (top referrers, search keywords)
– … What are visitors actually doing? (top pages being used, but disregard the top ones, such as the home page)
– SharePoint 2010 has some statistics available, at the Site Collection level. All of the statics have a graph that shows trends over time. With a bit of work in Excel, you can show a correlation between what’s happening to drive peaks in traffic.
– If you want some more insight, you could run a survey about your site – using the survey tool in SharePoint.
– Andrew also talked about Nintex Analytics 2010, that can give “super awesome insights.” Andrew said that Nintex is a sister company to OBS.
– … Will create various dashboards for showing what’s going on.
– … There are various other statistics too, broken down into areas such as Sites & Pages, Users, Collaboration, Lists & Discussions, and more.
– … Can also track which sites aren’t going well, to proactively offer support and help.

Action Plan
– (1) define where you want to get to.
– (2) there are some ways to set up the permissions to give people access to analytics.
– (3) answer the four questions.
– (4) explore metrics, and learn what is going to work.
– (5) Take action, open a dialogue with the business.

– Metrics gives an understanding of what’s really happening, and stops you from acting based on suppositions.

1. Have you been involved in any projects measuring employee sentiment?
(Answer) No. Most of what we’ve seen has been around survey / qualitative data.

2. Are those reports security trimmed?
(Answer) Yes, there is a heavy reliance on permissions to trim what people can’t see.

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