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Collaboration Roadmap (2011) — Foreword by Ed Brill

One of the interesting challenges of writing a book is deciding who to ask to write the Foreword. For Seamless Teamwork, I asked Jessica Lipnack. For SharePoint Roadmap, Peter O’Kelly. And for User Adoption Strategies, Nancy White. They each did a great job – thanks again.

For Collaboration Roadmap, I approached Ed Brill, Director of Messaging and Collaboration at IBM. I was delighted when he said “Yes.”

I’ve just posted Ed’s foreword to the book web site. Here’s an extract:

The concept of collaboration has equally been around a long time, but many organizations suffer from lack of traction with their investments in productivity. That is because so many IT organizations are disconnected from the business they are part of, operating in a “if we build it, they will come” mindset driven by vendor roadmaps and personal interests.

In this book, Michael Sampson endeavors to help you change the way you and your organization view information technology and the opportunity for collaboration. Organized as a literal ROADMAP of chapters, Collaboration Roadmap helps you expand the boundaries of your role as an IT professional.

Read more: Foreword to Collaboration Roadmap by Ed Brill

(Thanks Ed – much appreciated.)

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