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Socialtext 360 Connects Similar Employees – The BrainYard

My latest post on The BrainYard is a look at the capabilities of Socialtext 360 for highlighting the opportunities to connect with colleagues based on similarity:

When Socialtext released version 5 of its enterprise collaboration software in late September, the new feature that leapt out at me was Socialtext 360. It’s a way to connect similar people inside an organization–similar interests, expertise, geographic focus, etc.

Both similarity and differentiation have a key role to play in fostering collaboration. Similar people provide a complementary depth and set of relevant experiences. Different people help us see the world in new ways. Socialtext 360 highlights both, though its practical emphasis is on similarity.

Socialtext licenses the 360 technology from IntroNetworks, whose focus previously was to quickly bring people together at major conferences and events.

Socialtext 360 was initially called Socialtext Radar, but has been renamed during the last few days.

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