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Luidia and NEC Announce Technology Partnership for Interactive Whiteboards

Luidia and NEC announced the integration of Luidia eBeam with NEC’s new line of short-throw projectors, for creating an interactive whiteboard:

NEC Display Solutions Europe and Luidia Inc., the leading provider of interactive technology that helps the world capture and share content, today announced that Luidia’s eBeam technology features in NEC’s newly launched NP01Wi line of interactive whiteboard kits.

“The integration of Luidia’s eBeam technology into our projector mount enables all NEC’s short and ultra short throw projectors to deliver advanced data interactivity to customers,” said Klaus Auerboeck, Director Product Management Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Our customers will be able to not only view, but collaborate on, projected content in real-time. This leads to more exciting, engaging and, most importantly, productive classrooms and workplaces around the world.”

So the agreement is this:
– NEC provides the short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector;
– There is an accessory kit for the NEC projectors that incorporates the eBeam receiver. This makes it basically invisible – and thereby increases the longevity of the system.

A short-throw projector is a must-have with eBeam, otherwise you’re standing in the way of the projected beam. Good to see Luidia working hard to make their technology a normal part of new projectors.

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