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Saplo – Collaboration Auto-Discovery via Text Analytics

Saplo uses text analytics to provide collaboration auto-discovery capabilities:

Apple’s Siri helps you find relevant information and has changed how people access information. The Swedish startup Saplo does the same for websites but without any need for you to tell Saplo what you are interested in.

Instead of asking what you are interested in Saplo analyzes what type of content you interact with and then automatically give you the most relevant information. Its called text analytics and uses technologies that mimic how the brain learn languages.

“It’s sort of like having thousands of people reading texts for you and telling you whats relevant for you,” says Mattias Tyrberg Founder & CEO of Saplo.

So instead of trying to manually search to find interesting information text analysis helps you find it automatically.

There’s a variety of ways the Saplo products – Tags, Match, Context, and Sentiment – could be used for collaboration auto-discovery capabilities. See Pillar 7 in the 7 Pillars, and Chapter 2 in Collaboration Roadmap (available in December) for more on this concept.

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