Microsoft SharePoint

Bravo! RIM – BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint

Research In Motion announced the BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint, an app for BlackBerry devices:

Connectivity between BlackBerry smartphones and SharePoint servers is made possible with the market-leading BlackBerry Enterprise Server software. The complete solution features:
– Client app integration with core BlackBerry features and functions such as email, calendar, browser, and Universal Search providing an intuitive user experience
– Check-out, check-in, and versioning of files reflected on the SharePoint server
Microsoft Office document editing using Documents To Go® (pre-installed on BlackBerry smartphones) to download, create, revise and upload documents
– Access to Blogs, Wikis and Lists and the ability to update from a BlackBerry smartphone
– Content searches across multiple SharePoint sites from a BlackBerry smartphone

My Comments
1. This is a good addition by RIM to the BlackBerry line. BlackBerry devices are widely used in corporate environments, where SharePoint is flourishing.

2. I say “bravo!” to RIM for one particular bugbear of mine – the lack of integration between a SharePoint calendar and the calendar on a mobile device. Windows Phone has never had it. You can’t do it with iPhone. But … you can now do it on the BlackBerry, per Coordinate activities by integrating SharePoint calendar events with your BlackBerry calendar (from the product page). Bravo! See Pillar 4 for more.

3. I was just writing this morning in Collaboration Roadmap that you couldn’t do this. Oh well – that will be the first section I’ll change tomorrow!