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Plantronics InstantMeeting – Getting You on Your Conference Call Easier

Conference calls are a fact of life, but getting dialed in on-time and having access to the right call in details and passcode information can be a challenge. Plantronics have an answer for this: the InstantMeeting app for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry; and Outlook) that watches for upcoming conference calls in email messages and meeting confirmations, extracts the dial in details, and prompts you to call at the right time. It also enters the passcode, so you don’t have to.

A couple of comments:
– The dreaded “What’s the passcode?” days could be over. If conference calls are what you do, get the app.
– Re the boss in the video above – if he’s the team leader / team manager, then it’s his problem the two aren’t dialing in on time. But if he’s from higher up, and has been invited to the meeting to get an update on current status, it’s portrayed in the right way.
– Eating and joining conference calls at the same time is a bad idea.

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