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Vizit 4.0 for SharePoint – with Integrated Conversations about Documents

Vizit released Version 4.0 of its SharePoint add-on product. The feature that stood out to me is “Social Exchange” (sorry, I dislike second-letter capitalization in product names):

With Vizit 4.0 the company also introduced Social eXchange (SX). Vizit Social eXchange integrates social conversations with SharePoint content, workflow, records management, and security. With Social eXchange (SX) SharePoint users can highlight content and invite co-workers to engage in conversations. Vizit Social eXchange (SX) conversations take on the security and governance policies of the associated content. SharePoint workflows can also initiate Social eXchange (SX) conversations by sending out invitations to workgroups to share input on content placed in a SharePoint repository.

The Vizit Social Exchange product page says more:

With Vizit Social eXchange SharePoint users can simply highlight an area of a document and invite co-workers to engage in conversation without the document or conversation leaving SharePoint. The highlighted text is shown beside the conversation, ensuring conversations maintain their context. Vizit SX leverages social techniques such as instant messaging and micro-blogging to facilitate interactive conversations about SharePoint content.

I like it – good innovation (although we do need a better screen shot).