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BlackBerry Management Center – An Online Management Service for Small Businesses with BlackBerries

Research In Motion released (or if they had it before, kudos) the BlackBerry Management Center, a web-based service for managing BlackBerry devices in small and medium-sized businesses:

BlackBerry Management Center is a free online service for small businesses to centrally manage company- or employee-owned BlackBerry smartphones in the cloud and protect business-related content stored on the handsets. The service is designed for businesses with up to 100 BlackBerry smartphones that access email services from an ISP or web-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!.

BlackBerry Management Center makes it easy to manage company- or employee-owned smartphones in the cloud, and helps to minimize risk from lost or stolen handsets to keep business moving forward.

My Comments
1. With competition from the Apple iPhone, making it easy for the SMB market to centrally manage BlackBerry devices is a good move. It’s particularly interesting to see support for both employee-owned and company-supplied mobile devices, the former being a trending issue.

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