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How to Disengage Your Virtual Team – Nancy at Guided Insights

Nancy at Guided Insights shares 10 ways to disengage your virtual team. The first two are:

1. Allocate tasks that encourage independence . The less dependent people are on others, the more likely they’ll be to get their work done on time. Structure assignments so people can complete their work on their own. You know how some of these people just love to chat! Don’t give them any more reasons than you have to. Once they get on the horn, there’s no telling how much time they might fritter away.

2. Keep goals fuzzy for greater flexibility . You never want to be too explicit about team goals, in case you need to change them in a hurry. Better to give out a slew of tasks and deadlines conveying the appropriate sense of urgency, keeping people so focused on their deliverables that they won’t have time to figure out how their contributions fit together toward achieving group goals (if in fact, by some miracle, they do!). After all, it’s much easier to check off items on a task list than stepping back to see how actions support overall goals.

Check out the list of 10 at Nancy’s web site.

In addition to knowing what we should be doing, it’s helpful to get a reminder about things we should avoid doing – as Nancy as has done with this list of 10. Thanks Nancy!

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