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Moxie Software Adds Better Mobile Support to Customer Spaces

Moxie Software added better support for mobile devices to Customer Spaces, a customer service application:

Moxie Software™ is extending its powerful Knowledgebase that crosses all channels of communication to mobile platforms. Moxie Software’s Knowledgebase is now optimized for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android and Blackberry devices. Companies can now deliver via mobile devices the same comprehensive online knowledge repository that provides accurate information to customers, partners and employees.

Furthermore, Moxie Software is also adding XMPP support for chat – an open protocol that will make it easy for popular chat client’s or web service to integrate with Customer Spaces’ chat. This platform is extensible to support other instant messaging protocols.

My Comments
1. Good incremental additions to the product, so as to better support customers needing access from whatever device they have with them.

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