Realizing Collaboration's Value: Big and Small – BrainYard

My next article is up at The BrainYard: Realizing Collaboration’s Value: Big and Small:

Collaboration generally means working with others to achieve a common outcome, but how much value you can achieve from collaboration depends on where you apply the discipline within an organization.

At the micro-scale, you’re focused on efficiency of current processes. Think about document co-authoring. Switching from email attachments to check-in/check-out with a SharePoint site can cut the process time in half and reduce email storage requirements by 90% (since you’re not storing the same attachment multiple times). Taking the next step to real-time document co-editing in the new Microsoft Office Web Apps in SharePoint 2010 could shave another 10% to 20% from the process time, as well as eliminate the stress of merging and collating feedback from multiple people.

Macro-value from collaboration is a whole different ballgame. It involves rethinking what work should be done inside your organization in the first place, and only then how best to optimize the work. That analysis could lead companies to exit particular lines of business through a divesture and leave service delivery to a new group of suppliers.

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