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McKinsey on Web 2.0 in the Enterprise (2008) – Correlating Dissatisfaction with Perceived Barriers to Success

In McKinsey’s 2008 report, Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise, Exhibit 5 correlates perceived barriers to success with current rates of satisfaction with Web 2.0 tools in the enterprise:

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My Comments
1. What jumps out to me is this: where dissatisfaction levels are the highest (49%, 39% and two at 34%), the barriers are:
– lack of support from the leadership team (49% dissatisfaction)
– a culture that doesn’t support the use of the tool (39% dissatisfaction)
– lack of understanding about potential financial benefits (34% dissatisfaction)
– IT department will not support (34% dissatisfaction)

In other words, there is a negative cycle created – the more dissatisfaction, the more resistance from significant factors (leadership team, culture, financial types, the IT department).

2. When satisfaction is at its highest – 35% – the “barrier” is non-existent: “nothing is holding back Web 2.0 initiatives.”

3. How are you monitoring and measuring satisfaction?