That's What a Kiwi Does – "Number 8 Wire Mentality"

According to Stuff, New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan towed a disabled US helicopter to safety:

The US army Apache helicopter had to land in an exposed position in Bamyan last month after its engines were damaged by debris.

The NZ Provincial Reconstruction Team manufactured a tow bar and towed the helicopter into the safety of the Kiwi base.

US maintenance crew chief sergeant Judy Beltowski, from the army’s 10th Mountain Division, praised the Kiwis’ efforts, saying she had never seen that level of craftsmanship from a maintenance team before.

“Whatever we needed the NZPRT provided, and if they didn’t have it, they made it,” she said.

What stood out to me is the phase “if they didn’t have it, they made it.” That’s called the “number-8 wire mentality” in New Zealand, and has lead to some great wins for the country. I’m not convinced it’s always the right approach, but it is powerful at particular times.

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