After Mac OS X Lion, is Mac OS 11 Next?

David (my 15 year old son) argues that Mac OS 11 will be the next version after Mac OS X Lion. He writes:

After Lion is released, I think that Apple will go from Mac OS X to Mac OS XI or Mac OS 11.

Why? My reason is, what is Apple going to do next if they don’t go to Mac OS 11? After you have Lion, the “king of the jungle”, what do you go to next? One possibility could have been Tiger, but Apple already did that. What else can you go to? You could go back down, and go to… say… pussycat, but it doesn’t quite seem to fit.

If Mac OS 11 is released next, I wonder what Apple will call it? Mac OS 11, Mac OS XI, or something else? If it is Mac OS 11, I can imagine a video with the “X” splitting and forming the “11″

Another question is, will Apple have names for the versions, similar to Lion, Snow Leopard, or Leopard? What could they do?

What do you think? David would love to hear your perspective.

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  1. After running fast with power, strength, being the king of the jungle, I guess your next move (Apple’s move) would be to fly and leave the jungle and go to sky. That means you should look at eagles and the likes. That’s where I think Apple will be heading.

  2. I can see them going to 11 after they release 10.7 because it is still technically a “classic” Mac OS. Mac OS 9.2.2 to 10.0 was a transition from old to new, so should 10.7 to 11. I could see either going to 11.0 Pigeon or Eagle, or to Wolf.

  3. maybe MacOS XI “WOLF” – ‘The fastest OS up to date’.. because wolf signifies speed and agility. and Wolves are one of the fastest land animals.

  4. maybe they do deeply like the ocean, so maybe the next version of OS XI will be called SHARK 🙂

  5. I agree with the bird names, FALCON .. or maybe even shark, we won’t know till it comes out but i mean we’re still at 10.7.2 maybe there will be a 10.8..

  6. I think going to the sky is not a bad idea. The opposite of cats, the canine species is fine with me as well. After all I’m a cat and dog person.

  7. Maybe they’ll try to strenghten the Apple brand by going with apples like Gala or Fuji… Imagine “Mac OS XI Granny Smith the fastest OS yet” 😛