Adoption & Effective Use

"Why Winging It Isn't a Strategy" – A User Adoption Webinar with Central Desktop

I will be presenting a webinar in conjunction with Central Desktop on July 19 (US time) on user adoption – the title is Why Winging It Isn’t a Strategy:

Can you be successful without a plan for rolling out your collaboration initiative to users? Maybe. But it’s going to cost you more and take you longer, and there’s no guarantee your users will fully embrace it in the long run.

Join collaboration expert Michael Sampson as he explains how applying the necessary time and resources upfront pays dividends for first and second wave adopters.

What you will learn:
– How first and second wave adopters can help or hinder your project
– The quantifiable impact of lack of planning or insufficient resources on collaboration initiative success
– Typical user adoption challenges and how to avoid common rollout pitfalls
– Tips and advice for putting together your plan.

Registration Required.