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Cloud Sherpas Buys WaveAdept (New Zealand's Google Apps Company)

Cloud Sherpas, a US-company focused on Google Apps, has purchased WaveAdept in New Zealand to use as its base for expansion in Asia Pacific:

US Google apps specialist company Cloud Sherpas has bought Wellington Google apps company WaveAdept, which will change its name to Cloud Sherpas.

Atlanta-based Cloud Sherpas is the largest Google apps deployment specialist outside of Google itself. It will use the New Zealand company as a springboard into Asia Pacific.

WaveAdept, which was founded just under two years ago, has 55 Google apps customers in New Zealand, the largest of which is Tait Electronics. Other customers include several State-owned enterprises and a number of law firms. It has had a product relationship with Cloud Sherpas over the past year.

My Comments
1. My congratulations to the WaveAdept principals – Mike, Dave, and Paul. I hope this is the beginning of great new things for the three of you.

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