Not Recommended: The Victorinox Digital Day Bag

After writing about smaller bags for smaller gear, I purchased the Victorinox Digital Day Bag in Hong Kong in May (although in black, not red as above). It’s a very nicely made bag, it seems tough enough, it does hold an iPad (even in the Apple flip cover), as well as a few other things.

But, I don’t like it, for two reasons:
– It sits weird on my shoulder, and even weirder when over being worn diagonally across my shoulders. For some reason, the strap “doesn’t work,” and as a consequence I find myself opting for a different day bag (usually something much larger).
– It doesn’t feel right when carried under my arm (as a result of being over one shoulder), and when I try to position the bag in the lower part of my back (when being carried diagonally across my shoulders) it quickly falls away from there and hangs in the way of my arms.

So … YMMV, but I don’t recommend it.

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  1. Thanks Cory – I have looked at them before, but had not caught up with the new travel bags range. Looks good – but I have my eye on a different brand still 🙂