Traction Adds Action Tracking to TeamPage 5.2

Traction Software added action tracking capabilities to TeamPage 5.2:

Traction Software Inc, the leader in enterprise social software for work today announced Traction TeamPage Release 5.2 with new capabilities to make it simple to track actions, show activity, watch status, and follow discussions embedded in the flow of collaborative work. TeamPage 5.2’s new activity dashboards show actions, status and work in context using a format that’s easy to read and reduces information overload. These dashboards allow people dive into and watch activity associated with projects or milestones they want to focus on, while also seeing, searching, exploring and connecting with others across a broad view of activity organized by business context as well as person.

My Comments
1. Pillar 6, Enterprise Action Management, is one of the key capabilities in my 7 Pillars reference framework for collaboration software at work. It’s good to see Traction add intentional capabilities to support this.

2. TeamPage is a strong product, and has a number of capabilities that I really like. E.g., see Traction TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All, a blog post about the security features of TeamPage and how they can be used.

2 thoughts on “Traction Adds Action Tracking to TeamPage 5.2

  1. Michael — Thanks! Please let me or Jordan know if you’d like a personal tour of TeamPage 5.2. We’d also be happy to show and talk about what we’ll be introducing at E2.0 Boston in two weeks – hot stuff I’m sure you’ll like. Cheers, Greg

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