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Helping You Get Up in the Morning – the Shredder Clock

Interesting approach to making the point about the value of getting up on time in the morning:

If time is money, why waste it by continually smacking the snooze on your bedside alarm clock? This contraption will ensure you understand the literal cost of your morning laziness.

The Shredder Clock is just a concept, but it’s a pretty good idea, and a new spin on the notion that money is a great morning motivator. Other alarm clock inventions force you to feed them money before they’ll shut up, or automatically donate to charities that you hate until you get out of bed, but this one lets you see your money going to waste.
You could conceivably shred anything you find precious, from letters to pictures, so you wouldn’t have to stock it with Benjamins.

Perhaps we could have these in meeting rooms too, to show the time / money being spent on ineffective meeting practices.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    I absolutely agree re: having those items in meeting rooms. One of my favourite quotes is, “A meeting is an event at which minutes are kept and hours are lost.” Sadly true all too often.
    By the way, I very much appreciate your web site, blog, and books. Thanks for sharing!