Tungle Acquired by RIM – But is it Good or Bad News?

Tungle, which provides an easier way to schedule meetings between people not on the same calendaring system, announced that it has been acquired by RIM:

Tungle has been acquired by Research In Motion (RIM).

We’re really excited about this. We know there isn’t an industry more exciting than the smartphone and tablet markets. And RIM is a dominant player in this space.

And they’re Canadian, eh?

This is exciting for you too as we expect the Tungle service to only get better. Our plan today is what it has always been – for Tungle to become integrated with your daily activities and be ubiquitous within the applications you’re already using. When you think scheduling, Tungle should be at your fingertips.

My Comments
1. Tungle provided a great service for scheduling meetings. It was one of two services – the other being TimeBridge – that were actively competing for solving the cross-organizational calendaring challenge. While TimeBridge was first to market, Tungle came from behind and set the pace.

2. One of the strengths of the Tungle service was its multi-calendar, multi-platform, multi-device philosophy. I hope RIM will continue this philosophy, and not lock the service just to the BlackBerry.

3. On balance, I don’t know if the timing of this is good or bad. It will be good if Tungle becomes a core element of the BlackBerry calendaring service, along with continued support for other devices. It will be bad news if the service declines in reach, or disappears altogether.