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Finding Somewhere Quiet – Bilbo's Productivity Secret

A few weeks ago, Jeff from Day-Timer invited me to write a guest blog post for the Day-Timer blog. The result is up: 3 Quiet Ways You Can Get More Done

… my favorite line in the Lord of the Rings movie is spoken by Bilbo, after Gandalf has turned up at Bag End. They’ve briefly talked about past deeds, and then Gandalf asks Bilbo where he’s going next. Bilbo’s answer has become a line I repeat frequently to myself – with the same far off look in the eye too: “I just want to find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book.”

The line has become meaningful to me because I’ve come to appreciate the deeper meaning of the word “quiet.” And for anyone wanting to be productive and effective, embracing the meaning of the word quiet will have a major impact on what you get done.

I talk about three meanings:
– Somewhere quiet on the ears
– … on the soul
– … on the mind

Read more on the Day-Timer blog.

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  1. This is a great piece of writing, Mike. It reads very well. We’re proud of you. Mum & Dad.