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Vuuch – Social Software for Manufacturing

Vuuch is social software for organizations making products:

Vuuch is an enterprise social system. That means it is a new way to discuss, track and resolve any of the issues that come up before, during or after your company designs its products. Vuuch can be used with any kind of product: from manufactured goods to software and financial products. Vuuch social technology is easy to use, easy to implement and attractively priced.

Key ideas:
– Getting beyond the use of email messages to send around the current list of action points.
– The ability to aggregate tasks and issues for people and projects – the idea that is Pillar 6.
– Involving people beyond a single organization – and including them in the information flow on the design project.

My Comments
1. If you can get a design team and its partners to use it, Vuuch sounds like a great offering. Anything that gives greater clarity on who is doing what, and what is being done by whom, is sorely needed in the fast paced world of product design and delivery.

2. I’m unsure about the use of the phrase “social” to describe Vuuch though – I would call it a “team collaboration service” or a “product collaboration offering” – but “social”? Given it’s focused on tasks and task allocation and tracking … I think it’s a stretch. But perhaps there are other broad capabilities that make the term relevant.

3. The company claims to be used on “hundreds” of desktops. That’s a small number, but every company has to start somewhere.

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