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Smaller Gear, Smaller Bags

As the gear we carry to do our work on the go gets smaller and lighter, the bags we need to carry the gear around can also get smaller and lighter. I really like laptop and gear bags – as my office credenza can attest – so I find it fascinating seeing the changing dimensions of bags.

First, consider the gear that you could use today:
– The iPad 2 – almost half a kg in weight, and fairly small. Enough battery power for a good day of computing, and if you add the external Apple wireless keyboard, it’s easy to take notes on the go.
– The MacBook Air – just over 1 kg in weight, and very thin. If you’re not surfing the web continually, you can probably get away with leaving your power pack in the office.
– The Samsung Galaxy laptop – I can’t find a link, but I’ve held the thin laptop edition, and again, it’s less than 1kg.
– The Lenovo X220 Tablet – which swaps between standard laptop and tablet mode, and offers a lot of battery power. Again, you can probably leave your power pack at home.

Then, consider the new options for carrying this stuff around:
– The very thin line Victorinox Digital Day Bag. Easy for an iPad, and perhaps this is all you need for being out-and-about for a day.
– The somewhat larger TUMI Alpha Small Flap Body Bag. Probably a bit on the small size for a MacBook Air or X220, but would fit the iPad.
– The Booq Cobra Courier XS, ideal for the iPad (again), and a few other things.

Has your changing mix of gear for a day led to a change in bag? What did you buy?

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  1. Michael, I find that a small stack of 3×5 cards can last the whole day and I can leave my power pack at home.
    I use a shoe box. Holds my 3×5 cards very nicely, thank you.