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Different, But Refreshingly So – Nicholas Bate

Nicholas provides a s nap shot of what it means to be refreshingly different:

2. Hotel rooms where the air-con, wifi and lighting are easy to use
3. Business phone lines without convoluted menu-driven interactions
4. Airport security with a smile
5. Healthy fast-food
6. Shops which open on time
7. Banks who remember who gave them the money in the first place
8. Schools which still value education not just grades
9. Thinking which is critical but doesn’t criticise
10. A day without meetings
11. A desk without yellow stickies
12. Enthusiasm for business
13. MBAs about business rather than business models
14. Politicians who have the national (even global) interest at heart
15. Fresh pear juice
16. Sound, worry-free sleep

My Comments
1. Nicholas offers 101 snippets in all. Series like this are a “Nicholas trademark” – even if you don’t agree with all of them, they are bound to make you think and reflect.

2. This is the kind of list to print off and stick in your tickler file, and then pull out and read once a month. And then choose something to work on in the coming days.

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