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Focus on the Process – The "Why" Not the "What" for Social Software

Jordan at Traction Software reviews the recent Deloitte study and my User Adoption book, and comments:

When you focus on the “why,” people stop looking at the platform as a “blog” or “social” system but rather as a work-process system. They take it more seriously and part of their daily work, rather than a destination to only enjoy and engage in when they have a (very rare) free cycle. The patterns that take over become hardened and information infrastructure starts to take root. It’s this infrastructure, whether its the history of issue / exception process focused discussions or documentation and later execution of compliance test plans, that creates a pattern on which new use cases can emerge, and enables a substantial Return on Information.

My Comments
1. I think this means we have agreement on what to focus on between three parties – Jordan, Deloitte, and Michael. That’s good news!

2. For my most recent look at Traction TeamPage, see The One System to Rule It All. That’s from February 2009, and … it’s time to do an update post.

3. To get the Deloitte report, see “Social Software for Business Performance” at the bottom of the page. To get my book, see User Adoption Strategies.