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SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Only 21 Copies Left

After 3 printings in less than 2 years, there are only 21 physical copies of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration (2009) left in stock.

I am not doing a fourth printing.

If you want a physical copy, I recommend you order one ASAP.

My current plans going forward:
– I will not write an update to SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration.
– I am working on an assessment of SharePoint 2010 for collaboration. This will be published as a PDF report.
– The next book is Collaboration Roadmap: Enhancing Business Value through a Business- and People-Centered Approach to Collaboration Technology. It’s a wider book, and is not focused on SharePoint. You can take the lessons and apply them to your SharePoint work, or your Connections work, or your Traction TeamPage work, or your Cisco Quad work, etc.
– I will publish SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration (2009) to the Kindle store.

Again … if you want a paper copy signed by me, get to it today.

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