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AvePoint to SharePoint 2010 Wannabes: Let Us Help You Get There

AvePoint announced an offer to migrate 100 GB of data from SharePoint 2007 and other systems to SharePoint 2010:

AvePoint, a proven leader in providing infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, today announced that it will offer free licenses to migrate 100 gigabytes (GB) of data from legacy content repositories to SharePoint Server 2010 with its DocAve Migrator to new customers worldwide. DocAve Migrator provides a fully mapped and flexibly schedulable migration to SharePoint Server 2010 from prior SharePoint releases as well as 14 additional legacy content repositories.

My Comments
1. Content migration can be such a pain, and a stumbling block in the transition from one platform to another – or even one version of a platform to a newer version.

2. 100 GB isn’t that much. This is a “foot in the door” strategy for AvePoint’s migration tools – once firms have started playing with the migration using AvePoint’s tools, if they continue with their migration, it is highly likely there will be a longer ongoing role for AvePoint.

3. It’s also a trojan horse strategy – AvePoint offers a range of SharePoint tools for more than just migration, and once an administrator has experienced the AvePoint tools in one area, is likely to have a higher affinity toward tools in other areas.

4. So, overall, a very clever piece of work from AvePoint. Most customers that take up the offer will have to pay them for migration tools anyway (because they have more than 100 GB of data to migrate), and most will also pay them for other tools in the AvePoint suite.

5. If you’re an organization wanting to migrate to SharePoint 2010, go in with your eyes open.

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  1. Caveat emptor” – Let the buyer beware
    As you have pointed out, I think it is always wise to go into any offer, contract or purchase with your eyes open, as you’ve put it, but I feel your comments are overly negative against AvePoint…
    Yes – new customers will most likely need to purchase some kind of migration tool if they cannot complete their tasks with the 100gig limit, but it is a great opportunity to try before you buy and from our experience with AvePoint it has been worth every penny. Their tools are fantastic and so easy to use and their support is comparable to none.
    So while it may be a clever ‘foot in the door’ tactic by AvePoint, it’s one I don’t think will dissapoint too many, so long as they are fully aware.