Where is the Love for Lotus Notes? Mat at Lotusphere 2011

At Lotusphere 2011 in January, Mat presented a session called Where is the Love? How to get your users to fall in Love with Lotus Notes. I didn’t attend Lotusphere – although I had an invitation to do so – but here’s his deck on Slideshare:

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My Comments
1. This topic is of interest to me as well – see my July 2007 piece called How to Make the Most of Lotus Notes/Domino, and my Lotus Roadmap report from last year – eg., the section entitled “Notes Sucks, And It’s All IBM’s Fault.” There’s pretty clear alignment between Mat’s points and what I wrote.

2. I like the way Mat works through the issue – exploring the reasons (slide 5), exploring the possible causes (slide 6), and then outlining a way for dealing with the lack of Lotus love.

3. Lotus Notes is different … from other email programs such as Outlook, and the wider Microsoft Office stack. That’s actually a benefit – you’ll just have to help users understand why.

4. There’s a section in chapter 4 of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration that talks about Lotus Notes vs. SharePoint, and in particular the need to change your approach to governing the technology if your previous approach to governing Lotus Notes didn’t work. Note that this is about the governance approach, not the technology per se. Mat touches on some of this on slide 28.

5. I’m excited by the new technology capabilities coming out of IBM – Lotus Connections, Project Vulcan, and more. It’s looking good.

One thought on “Where is the Love for Lotus Notes? Mat at Lotusphere 2011

  1. Wisely spoken Michael. And yes this was an interesting session at Lotusphere this year. After several rounds of “My boss loves Microsoft – what can I do about it” I found the this new approach somewhat refreshing.
    As an IBM – even Lotus person – and even a Microsoft competitive one – I also appreciate your comments on Connections and Vulcan.

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