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Archiving "Beyond Email" – an Upcoming EMC Webinar

As I said in my November 2009 column for Messaging News, archiving and ediscovery for email are well-understood, but dealing with archiving and ediscovery in collaboration systems is less well understood but just as vital.

Next week, EMC is hosting a webinar on the same topic:

Preserving, collecting and processing “basic” electronically stored information (“ESI”) such as email and unstructured data stored on laptops and file shares is a complex and expensive task for most organizations. But far more difficult work is just ahead… In this presentation, we will look at legal requirements and current practices in handling some of the more frequently encountered “esoteric” forms of ESI such as Facebook, Social Media, the Cloud, mobile devices, transient or “ephemeral” data and even SQL databases.

This is an important topic for organizations to get their heads around.

To attend, you’ll need to register.

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