"Don't Send Meeting Notes by Email – Use the Wiki Instead" – Mark Done

Mark argues that sending meeting notes by email is a bad idea (slightly edited):

The meeting is over and you were the one who was supposed to make notes. Ok, we won’t discuss now your self-assertion, damage is done. But never send notes via email. You know how this will end? “Joseph, thank you for your elaborate notes, but you have forgotten about this and this issue. Could you please update your notes and send the full version to everybody again?””. Multiply this by number of people who attended the meeting.

What to do? Use corporate wiki or google documents. Let them edit your notes. Your work is done.

The above was tip #5 about muddling through meetings – the other four are pretty standard (but necessary) recommendations.

My Comments
1. It’s a great practical use of new collaboration technology, combined with a psychological insight about office realities. When you invite them to edit the notes directly, they either have to do it (because it was really important), or acknowledge that it’s not really that important (and they were just being difficult and wasting your time).

2. Rather than waiting until the end of the meeting, take your laptop or iPad and take notes into the corporate wiki or other such tool directly. Then ping around the link, and your work is done – before you even left the meeting. That’s a great feeling.

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