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MindMeister – Mobile Device and Offline Access

Creating a mindmap is a frequent activity in my work and life, and while I don’t use the MindMeister online mind mapping tool, I’m impressed with the feature and capability enhancements the company has made over the past few years.

A couple of things caught my eye today:

1. The re-introduction of offline access to MindMeister maps. They say, “Using state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, you can now work on all your MindMeister maps wherever you are, without the need for an internet connection. When you come back online, just slide the button and all your changes (and new maps) will be synchronized back into your online account!” I really believe in the need for offline access / location independence – see Pillar 2 in the 7 Pillars – so kudos for adding this back in.

2. Access for developing and reviewing mindmaps on the iPhone and iPad, via MindMeister apps. “The native MindMeister applications for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch give you instant access to your mind maps wherever you are. Create, edit and share mind maps directly on your device and seamlessly sync them with your online MindMeister account. You can even fire off Geistesblitzes quickly and easily from these stylish apps.

3. MindMeister maps can be created and accessed through SAP StreamWork. StreamWork provides a raft of decision making and decision analysis tools, and through the integration with MindMeister, mind maps can now be used as well.

Overall, very cool – and these maps are collaborative too, so multiple people can work on them at the same time.