Adoption & Effective Use

"The Technology is the Least Relevant Aspect in the Mix" – Nancy and Michael talk User Adoption

Nancy Settle-Murphy contacted me late last year with an invitation to co-write an edition of her monthly newsletter. Once I was back from annual leave, we met by Skype and talked for an hour, then worked together on the draft document … and the result is now out.

See Successful Virtual Collaboration Takes a Lot More Than Just the Right Tools on the Guided Insights website:

Your organization has finally gotten wise to the fact that employees need more than just email, a smart phone and a group website to work with their colleagues across the world, or even just down the hall. IT has just unveiled an array of exciting new collaboration tools with great fanfare, complete with training and slick reference guides.

After an initial flurry of excitement, most people have rejected these “cool new tools” in favor of their old familiar patterns of communicating. When you look around the organization, you see that very little has changed. Most virtual meetings are still agonizing to sit through, people still clog up inboxes with attachments instead of posting documents on shared portals, and many continue to struggle when it comes to collaboration across time zones.

What’s going on here? Joining me in writing this month’s Communiqué is Michael Sampson, a native New Zealander who’s known around the world as “The Collaboration Guy.” We explore what it takes for people to use virtual collaboration tools to their fullest advantage, and conditions need to be in place to foster smarter adoption. Spoiler alert: the technology is the least relevant aspect in the mix.

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