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The Intranet Management Handbook – Two Other Reviews

As a result of visiting Facet’s order page for Martin’s book, I just came across two other reviews:

– Jane McConnell, “Martin White has accomplished a great piece of work that will bring a lot of benefit to a lot of intranet managers.” Read her review at the NetJMC blog.

– Jed Cawthorne, “Martin crams a treasure trove of information into 233 pages. His writing style is concise and easy to digest. I have never found another book that covers intranets in this practical style and so I thoroughly recommend it to intranet managers and their teams, to the senior execs who have the intranet within their purview, and to information management, knowledge management and content management practitioners who may have to deal with intranets, or advise clients on their development.“. As an Intranet Manager himself, this is great feedback on the value of the book. Read Jed’s comments on his blog, ECM Stuff.

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