The Future of Work – Chris Brogan's View

Some people write books on the future of work. To start with though, Chris has a blog post:

I think about work often. I have been both an employee and a deep thinker about work since my first jobs. Even before I was of legal age to work, I had little business ideas and plans, and some of my beliefs, once thought to be pipe dreams, are a lot more common place. With that in mind, here are some thoughts about the future of work. Note: A good deal of my thoughts on work are very Western-hemisphere centered, but one might be able to extrapolate for other countries, or at least see how their ideas will fit into what I think might be happening here.

Chris’s key points:
– work will be modular – think “projects”
– work will be mobile – and this will lead to seismic shifts in society and the nature of organizations
– work will be cause-balanced
– work will be smaller and bigger – that’s a bit like starting a book with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” 🙂 – but Chris explains why it’s not bet-hedging to say this
– work will be more goal aligned

He’s looking for your feedback on his ideas.

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