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Martin White on Intranet Management

Martin White’s new book, The Intranet Management Handbook, is now available. It was almost a year ago in Copenhagen that Martin told the IntraTeam Event 2010 conference attendees that he “had 35,000 words to go,” and with all that’s happened for Martin and intranets between then, it’s great to have this book now available:

Rarely does the organization have more than one intranet manager, and intranet management is often only one of their many responsibilities. There are very few intranet conferences around the world, and only recently have intranet communities of practice been established in Europe. Universities and colleges do not offer courses in intranet management, and there is little in the way of continuous professional development support. It is also very difficult to obtain access to intranets in other organizations.

Despite the widespread implementation of intranets over the last few years there is virtually no professional literature available on intranet management to which to turn for ideas and examples of good practice. This book fills that gap, offering a wealth of practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years.

I have scanned various pre-release editions of Martin’s manuscript, recommended the book to clients, and will publish a review shortly. In the meantime, huge congrats to Martin for getting this work out the door.

Read more (and order!): Facet Publishing, The Intranet Management Handbook

Martin is the Managing Director of Intranet Focus, but then everyone should know that 🙂

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