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SharePoint My Site – Set the Quota to 1MB and Eliminate the Risk?

A contact asked me this question a few days ago:

I’ve seen many implementations where people do not enable MySites. I think this is because they perceive them as being some sort of risk, however they are sacrificing the unique MySite capabilities in doing so. What we’ve done is to enable MySites, but with a quota limit of 1Mb (the minimum SharePoint allows). This means people can maintain their MySite details, upload their picture, and even personalise their page if they want to, but aren’t able to cause information fragmentation by duplicating corporate information into their MySite. To date we’ve only had a few people complain that their quota is preventing them from doing something, and in each case we’ve been able to direct them to a team or project site that was the more appropriate home for what they were trying to store in their MySite.

What do you think? With a 1Mb quota, what harm can MySites do?

I said I didn’t see much harm / risk in taking this approach.

Have you taken this approach at your organization? What’s worked out well as a result? What hasn’t worked out so well?

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  1. Does anyone actually use MySites? 2010 provides some nicer features, but ultimately I haven’t seen the business benefit.