SAP Updates to StreamWork – Playing a Broader Game

Good to see the updates and improvements rolling out from SAP for StreamWork, its collaborative decision-making service. I said last year that I was worried the offering is too special purpose and that this would hinder uptake and adoption … but it’s still early days.

A couple of recent improvements:

– People can work together in StreamWork on Google Docs items, such as documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, etc. These can be embedded in StreamWork activities, and if you want to edit the document, it opens in Google so there is just a single edition. What’s unclear is whether the act of sharing a Google Doc item in StreamWork automagically allocated shared editorial permission to the other people who share the activity, or whether that has to happen as a separate act in Google Docs.

– For users of the Enterprise edition, you can get access to people and expertise. Data from your enterprise directory can be automatically added into StreamWork, so there is no double-entry required. Collapsing decision cycles is partly about having the right tools available for the team, and partly about having access to the right people to help with sticky issues. See Pillar 7 on Collaboration Auto-Discovery for more on that.

– Mobile access from the iPhone (and probably iPad), with BlackBerry device support coming. If this tool is going to become “a habitat of collaboration for people,” then they have to be able to access it from mobile and small devices.

I will keep watching StreamWork with interest. Are you using it?

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  1. I work at SAP and am the program manager responsible for implementing SAP StreamWork FOR SAP’s use. Of note, we have implemented the features in the People component you mention in this blog, and have much more planned. I’d welcome a discussion about how we’re planning to drive a more social, collaborative business with StreamWork, with the People component serving as a keystone of that strategy.