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BlackBerry PlayBook for Business – Connecting RIM PlayBook and the RIM BlackBerry

John from Research in Motion recently posted a video showing the integration between the RIM PlayBook and the RIM BlackBerry. RIM’s key strength for wireless email and data access has been enterprise-grade security, and this extends to the PlayBook. Other tablet devices on the market aren’t so “enterprise-ready,” although this hasn’t stopped enterprise people buying them.

Anyway, some key points to note from the video above:
– The PlayBook and BlackBerry are linked via Bluetooth. (Of course, if the PlayBook was called the BlackBook, RIM would say that secured Bluetooth was called Blacktooth.)
– What you do on the PlayBook impacts what happens on your BlackBerry too. Eg., in email, reading a message on one device marks it as read on the other device.
– No corporate data is stored on the PlayBook. When the connection between the devices is broken, the data on the PlayBook is removed. Given the connection is based on Bluetooth, this means that once the devices are more than 10m or so apart, there is no longer a connection.

In terms of the last item, this is only limited to the PlayBooks that don’t have their own cellular / 3G network connection. Some professionals will want to carry both, others will just want the BlackBerry, others will just want the PlayBook.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one of these …

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  1. Right now my blackberry syncs through the enterprise server to Microsoft Outlook within Microsoft office on my laptop. Can a Playbook access and use Microsoft Office provided through my corporate server so that it can replace the laptop with the Playbook when I am on the road? I

  2. I guess I am hoping that the Playbook would not just be a “magnifier” for my blackberry email. I want it to access all my current corporately provided business tools I access through my laptop on the road. Or do I have to go for some blackberry apps or web accessible tools?

  3. David,
    Yes, this is my understanding – “no laptop required” – but then I haven’t tested out a unit yet. I’m hoping that will change in the next few months.