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I'm Back – Happy New Year for 2011

After a month of vacation, I’m back. It was a privilege to have time off work with my family. We did a bunch of stuff together:

  • Christmas Day at our house, with Katrina’s parents. I enjoyed the restfulness of a quiet day at home.
  • Boxing Day in the city, with my parents. We had a picnic at a city park, and especially enjoyed watching the little children on the playground equipment. They had a ball.
  • Camping at the beach with 9 children; 3 days, 2 nights. It was an “adventure” – to be sure. There were some challenging moments, and some moments of pure delight – such as pushing little people on a huge swing that stretched down the beach and over the water.
  • Jobs around the house and garden. I finally got one of the covers for the strawberry bed finished.
  • A few people around for dinner, including some international guests. That was really neat.

I hope things are well with you. For me, it’s time to get back into work mode and start into my project list for 2011. Much to do …

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