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Craig writes about time management on the Time Management Ninja blog. He hasn’t written a book (yet), but there is gold in the blog posts. Here are a couple of posts I liked:

How to get everything done by doing 1 thing. It’s usually impossible to do a whole thing in one go – so we have to do it bit-by-bit. Craig shares 5 tips for getting the one thing done – (1) keep it top of mind, (3) announce it to others, and three other tips.

When you are in a meeting, be in the meeting. Seven rules for attending and participating in a meeting. Don’t go if you aren’t going to participate and contribute. Tip #5, “Be prepared – Just showing up at the meeting is a waste of everyone’s time. If you are not prepared to discuss the topic at hand, you should cancel the meeting and reschedule. I have seen a meeting to review a 100 page document that was sent out mere minutes before the start time. Do you think anyone had read it?

Put on your productivity blinders. They will help you focus on the task at hand. Eg., work in a quiet location, turn off interruptions, and shut the door, among others.

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