Conference Notes

Thanks to Eventful Management for Share2010

Day 1 of Share2010 in Sydney is done. I attended 8 sessions, and blogged 7 of them. There was a lot of content – some of it ground breaking – and I immensely enjoyed my day. My talk isn’t until last thing tomorrow, so I have had an opportunity to think and reflect on what I’m going to say.

What I haven’t said yet today is huge thanks to the team at Eventful Management for making Share2010 happen. Today has worked so smoothly – the timing, the talks, the food and drink – and having organized small events, I know that no event just happens. There are spades-loads of work to be done to make such an event happen, and Eventful have done themselves proud in the SharePoint community based on this event. The track chairs worked. The flow worked. The sound system worked. The visual equipment worked. The breaks worked. Everything happened so seamlessly that it was almost possible to forget the fabric that held it together.

So … huge kudos to the team at Eventful Management. Great work.