Adoption & Effective Use

Deloitte D Street: Lessons in User Adoption

At KMWorld earlier this week, David Boland from Deloitte talked about some of the lessons they had learned from working with Enterprise 2.0 tools at Deloitte’s:

[He] suggested other companies learn from Deloitte’s success and slowly roll out changes to Enterprise 2.0 tools rather than overhaul the entire infrastructure at once. Changes in taxonomy, capabilities and structure can confuse workers and elicit a bad first impression ….

To simplify that landscape for new users, Deloitte created an interactive decision tree to help users think through who they’re trying to collaborate with–internally at Deloitte, or with contractors, clients or vendors, for example. The decision tree leads users to better understand the best ways to use the tool, and get the information they’re seeking.

Another bit of advice from Deloitte collaboration deployment: Don’t forget the importance of moderation, management and risk management.

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