Industry Updates


CORUS Share is a new online collaboration tool for small businesses. The Corus team are focused on replacing email with a new way of interacting – with work, discussions, and sharing oriented around a “topic.”

Here’s a scenario they discuss:

1. You manage multiple conversations on multiple topics with a variety of co-workers, clients and friends.

2. You work on multiple versions of documents, trying to keep track of which document version is current.

3. You share these files or wait for someone else to finish working on one. You spend time deciding where to file or which version to keep or delete.

4. Having finished you need to share the now 10Mb file. Then you have to track who read it and what comments/changes they may require.

5. You also spend time collecting links on customers or researching topics or planning yourself a well deserved holiday. Along the way storing bookmarks or emailing links to others. Creating more items that need to be filed and later found.

6. Finally you schedule a meeting to discuss all this. How many emails does that create?

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