Adoption & Effective Use

Conversation about Collaboration, User Adoption, and Governance with the SLA KM Division

Yesterday I took part in a Virtual Conversation with the Knowledge Management division of the SLA. The one-hour conversation covered topics about collaboration, user adoption, governance, and more.

If you were unable to attend the virtual conversation, please download our podcast (MP3 / 1h:02m:30s) recorded during our conversation. During our one-hour conversation facilitated by Karen Huffman, Chair of SLA’s KM division, we focused on strategies, roadmaps, and governance for adoption of collaborative tools irregardless of the application selected by an organization. Topics covered during our talk included the following:

– Tell us why you became a collaboration strategist.
– Our challenge: Communicating and connecting with audiences over distance and time. Potential pitfalls in information delivery methods used to communicate ideas and concepts.
– Success stories: Increased effectiveness in business solutions due to greater participation and a wider diversity of opinions.
– User adoption strategies: Driving engagement; adaptive improvements in your communication and collaboration models as a result of tools and/or applications employed.
– Governance: Defining micro- vs. macro-governance models; defining a structure under a macro model; balancing demands to achieve the success and value within your organizing to improve business outcomes.

Link: podcast of the conversation, in MP3 format.