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What are you doing with SharePoint? High-Tech

I have been doing a survey on what organizations are doing with SharePoint. There were three questions, the second of which was an industry classification. For some industries, I received enough responses to give an industry breakdown.

Here is the chart for High-Tech (25 responses):

In comparison to the Overall results:

  • “Providing document management services” is the second most popular activity with SharePoint, after “Supporting team collaboration.” For the Overall results, “Publishing intranet content” was number 2. For High-Tech organizations, this is number 3.
  • Activities where High-Tech organizations are doing comparatively more with SharePoint than the Overall result set include “Encouraging social collaboration,” “Managing business records,” and “Creating business applications.” Perhaps being high-tech organizations means that they represent a greater number of early and early-ish adopters.
  • The main activity where High-Tech organizations are doing comparatively less with SharePoint than the Overall result set is “Publishing Internet Web Sites.” The same number of respondents expect to be doing this within 12 months, and 50% of the respondents say that they may do this in the future.
  • The largest growth areas over the next 12 months in High-Tech’s use of SharePoint are “Enabling workflow processes,” and “Encouraging social collaboration.”
  • Respondents from High-Tech organizations were more likely to say they would never use SharePoint for a particular area than the overall respondent base, in numerous areas – “Encouraging social collaboration,” “Providing document management services,” “Managing business records,” and “Enabling workflow processes,” among others. This could be the flip-side of being an early adopter: respondents have a greater knowledge what is possible with other technologies, and are not buying into SharePoint’s promise in these areas.

You can see the Overall Analysis based on 239 responses.

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  1. Some good insights Michael. Intranet, document management and collaboration are three key areas where SharePoint is used for. Even our emphasis is on these areas when we position ourselves against SP. I suspect, even as the response set grows larger, these three areas will lead. Workflows is a surprise, as a larger number of people have definite plans of using SP for workflows than I would have expected.