User Adoption Strategies now available for Amazon Kindle

Last week I decided to see how easy or hard it would be to submit my book, User Adoption Strategies, to Amazon for publication on the Kindle. Answer: Dead simple.

Apart from a slight problem with the first file (hidden text from the Word .DOC showing), User Adoption Strategies is available immediately for the Kindle (or devices with a Kindle client).

Link: User Adoption Strategies (Kindle Edition). So for those (like me) who cannot access the Apple iBookstore, get the Kindle client for your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and get it via the Kindle store.

If you want the paper edition, see

A Comment on Price
I listed the Kindle Edition for US$24.95. That’s what shows in my control panel on Amazon. But:
– As you can see above, when I visit the page from New Zealand, it shows at US$26.95.
– A reader from Czech Republic wrote to say it shows at US$31 for them.

I’m at a bit of loss about this – I assume the difference is due to the different delivery charges the wireless carriers charge Amazon. What price shows at your location?

2 thoughts on “User Adoption Strategies now available for Amazon Kindle

  1. This is the very best book I’ve read regarding true “tactical” Enterprise 2.0 implementation. Bar none.
    10 out of 10!
    This is a book for change management employees responsible for the implementation of collaborative technologies within their company. This book assumes the reader already “gets it” when it comes to E20…and quickly moves into real-world tactics for building new ways of working with collaborative technologies to a workforce who may…or may not “get it”.
    Andrew Carusone
    Director IWE Community & Governance
    Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

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