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Rene Modery on User Adoption Strategies, "go and order the book"

I was at the Janders Dean law firm conference in Sydney yesterday, and when I got back to my hotel, found a gift waiting for me. Rene from Singapore had published his review of my new book, User Adoption Strategies:

What I enjoyed most from the book is the way Michael explains these strategies. Not only do you get to know how they work, but also when to apply them (in which situation), and why they actually help you. All that written in a very understandable language filled with lots of examples, making it easy for you to grasp the concepts immediately when you read about them. While reading, a few times I thought “why didn’t I think about this before!”. These aren’t complex frameworks for which you need to read and think a lot beforehand to understand them, and neither does it take a lot of time to apply them.

Read the full review on modery.net.

Actually, Rene was one of the first (perhaps even the first) in the world to purchase a copy of User Adoption Strategies. Very cool.

Thanks Rene!

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